Anthropology Minor

Natalie Munro, associate professor of anthropology, photographing a grave thought to be that of a shaman at the archaeological site of Hilazon Tachtit Cave in northern Israel.

The requirements for this minor are at least 15 credits in Anthropology courses that include:

  1. Two courses chosen from ANTH 2000, 2501, and 2502; and
  2. Three additional courses at the 2000-level and above, with the exception that not more than three credits of ANTH 3090, 3093, 3095, 3098, 3099, 3522W, or 3990 may be counted toward the minor.

Students are encouraged to consult with advisors in Anthropology and in their major field to design a plan of study appropriate to their long-term goals.

The minor is offered by the Anthropology Department.

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