Anthropology of Global Health Minor

The Anthropology of Global Health minor provides students with the theoretical and methodological tools needed to analyze health from an anthropological perspective and integrate anthropological analysis into the study of global health problems and solutions. Not open to Anthropology majors or minors.

In order to complete the minor students must complete 15 credits from the following. At least 12 credits must be from the Department of Anthropology. Prerequisite: ANTH 1000 or 1006 or 1010E or 2000/W.

  1. ANTH 3300 and/or ANTH 3325; and
  2. At least nine credits from ANTH 2000/W, 3202W, 3302, 3304, 3320, 3326, 3327; GEOG 3240; HRTS/SOCI 2845/WLLAS 3250PUBH 3001; SOCI 2660. Students may use ANTH 3095, 3098 and graduate level seminars in ANTH, depending on content, towards the requirement with approval of minor advisor.

The minor is offered by the Anthropology Department.