Structural Biology and Biophysics

This B.S. program emphasizes the physical and chemical foundations of molecular biology. A total of 36 credits at the 2000-level or above from the following courses are required for the major.


The following courses at the 1000 level are prerequisites for the major:

BIOL 1107; CHEM 1127Q and 1128Q, or CHEM 1147Q and 1148Q, or CHEM 1124Q, 1125Q and 1126Q; MATH 1131Q and 1132Q; PHYS 1401Q and 1402Q, or PHYS 1501Q and 1502Q, or PHYS 1601Q and 1602Q.

Required courses

Recommended courses

To satisfy the writing in the major and information literacy competency requirements, all students must take one of the following courses: MCB 3841W, 4026W, 4997W; CHEM 3170W, 4196W; or any W course approved for this major.

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