Individualized Major

The Individualized Major Program allows students to create a major that is not otherwise offered at the University of Connecticut. In order to submit a proposal for admission to the program, students must: be in good academic standing, have a minimum grade point average of 2.0, and have third semester standing or higher. It is recommended that students not have begun their final 30 credits of study. Students are not permitted to apply in their final semester of study.

The proposed individualized major must be coherent in theme, have academic merit, and include at least 36 credits, numbered 2000 or higher, from two or more departments in the University. At least 18 credits shall come from departments of this College. The major may include up to six credits of independent study and six credits of field work. The student may include the individualized major in a double major plan of study, but at least 24 credits of the individualized major plan must not overlap with the student’s other major and its related field courses. To graduate, the student must earn a grade point average of 2.5 or better in the 36 credits of the individualized major.

Individualized majors may contribute to Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees.


All students with approved individualized major plans of study must complete a capstone during their last academic year. Students must either register for UNIV 4600W Capstone Course or UNIV 4697W Senior Thesis (for honors and other students writing a thesis) or propose an alternative capstone course. An alternative capstone must provide the student the opportunity to engage in a research or creative project that integrates the themes of the major. Alternative capstones must be approved by the student’s primary faculty advisor and the director of the program.

Writing in the Major

In addition to the capstone, all students must nominate one other course numbered 2000 or higher in which they will write in a relevant academic discipline (where feasible, this course should be a W course). (Double majors and additional degree students may choose to satisfy the exit level writing in the major competency outside the Individualized Major.)

Information Literacy Competency

All majors must include the capstone and one research methods or research course in their plans of study. (Double majors and additional degree students may choose to satisfy the information literacy competency outside the Individualized Major.)

The individualized major is administered by the Individualized and Interdisciplinary Studies Program.

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