Environmental Literacy (E) Courses

In an effort to provide the most up to date list of Environmental Literacy courses possible, the Office of the Registrar has created a report of all Environmental Literacy courses that is available on our Catalog Changes website. The report is refreshed automatically every night, so as new Environmental Literacy courses are approved and added to the Student Administration System, they will also appear on the report.

The University’s new Environmental Literacy general education requirement took effect in the 2019-20 catalog, meaning that all students admitted in Fall 2019 and some continuing students will be required to pass at least one three-credit Environmental Literacy course.

These courses can be identified by the letter E in the course number (for example, EEB 2100E). However, based on the policy set by the General Education Oversight Committee, all “E” courses will count toward the Environmental Literacy requirement, regardless of when the course was taken or whether there is an “E” in the course number at the time the student passed the course. A course does not have to appear on a student’s transcript with an “E” in the number in order to count toward this requirement; all approved E courses have been added to the Academic Advisement Report in the Student Administration System and will appear there as students plan their studies.