Enhancements to Undergraduate Catalog Website

The Registrar’s Office is pleased to announce some exciting enhancements to the Undergraduate Catalog website.

New Feature: View Classes

In partnership with University ITS and the Web Development team, the Registrar’s Office has upgraded the directory of undergraduate courses. In addition to viewing course descriptions, you now may also find scheduled sections of each course. The information includes class meeting days and times, campus, classrooms, and instructor. You can also see up-to-the-second enrollment totals.

New Feature: Enhanced Course Search

Please visit our new Course Search page to find courses using keywords in course titles and descriptions. You may also filter for courses based on course level and the General Education requirements they satisfy.

2020-21 Catalog Proofs

Catalog proofs for the 2020-21 undergraduate catalog are now available on our Catalog Changes website. In response to requests from academic departments, the proof files are now in Microsoft Word format to make them easier to edit.

If you have any feedback or questions about the Undergraduate Catalog, please contact Curriculum Services by email at registrarcurriculum@uconn.edu or by phone at (860) 486-0326.