Minors: Gerontology

Specialized training in aging is available through this minor. The minor offers students preparing for careers in aging the opportunity to pursue a formally recognized program of studying gerontology. The 15-credit minor consists of course work and field experiences working in community settings serving older adults.

Course Requirements

  1. Two of the following three courses (six credits): HDFS 2200, 3240, 3249
  2. Three courses (nine credits): HDFS 2200*, 3080**, 3092**, 3098, 3240*, 3249*, 3252, 3510, 3530, 4099**; AH 3203; PSYC 3105.

* Any course listed above under required (item 1) and not used to fulfill the required courses may be taken as an elective (item 2).

** Only three credits from each of these courses may count toward the nine elective credits.

The minor is administered under the auspices of the Center on Aging. Students should contact the Department of Human Development and Family Studies.


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