Minors: American Sign Language

This interdisciplinary minor provides students with current information about ASL and the people for whom it is a primary language, the Deaf community in the U.S.

Prerequisite: ASLN 1101 and 1102 or equivalent are required but do not count toward the total credits required for the minor.

A total of 15 credits (five 3-credit courses) of 2000-level or above coursework is required.

Group A

Core courses (all of the following): LING 2850, 3850; ASLN/WGSS 3254; ASLN 3650.

Group B

Related course (one of the following): ASLN 3298, appropriate offerings of LING 3795/3798 (e.g., Sign Linguistics), other related courses, or a relevant Independent Study. The course must be approved by the American Sign Language Studies minor advisor.

The minor is offered by the Literatures, Cultures and Languages Department.


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