Fine Arts (FINA)

References should be made to the offerings of art, dramatic arts and music. The courses listed below are of common interest to students in various disciplines.

For major requirements, see the School of Fine Arts section of this Catalog.

1001. Earthtones: Vocal Ensemble

(Also offered as MUSI 1006.) One credit. One laboratory period. May be repeated for credit with a change of topic for a maximum of 8 credits.

World music vocal ensemble that brings to life the songs of specific cultures as a means to gain knowledge and understanding of communities, culture, spirituality and social justice. A fee of $25 is charged for this course. CA 1.

1100. Afrocentric Perspectives in the Arts

(Also offered as AFRA 1100.) Three credits. Molette

Lectures and discussions about assigned readings focus on historical and aesthetic perspectives of African American Arts and their African sources, with emphasis on how social and aesthetic context impacts on creative expression by African American artists. Presentations by guest lecturers and University of Connecticut faculty plus small group discussions. CA 1. CA 4.

2001. Global and Transcultural Forms

Two credits. Two 1½-hour laboratories per week. Prerequisite: Instructor consent.

Immersion in world arts practices that cross national and cultural boundaries.

3391. Global Arts and Culture Internship

Three credits. Hours by arrangement. Prerequisite: FINA/AFRA 1100; CLCS 2201; three credits of FINA/MUSI 1006; FINA 2001; or MUSI 1114; and three credits of electives for the Global Arts and Culture minor; open only to juniors or higher in the Global Arts and Culture minor with a minimum GPA of 2.8 and consent of department head.

Offers a practical educational base for many culture-related areas in the arts such as arts agencies, corporations, schools or artist studios. Provides faculty supervised professional experience in a private or public organization.

3510. Foundation: Exploring Digital Arts

Three credits. Two 3 hour studio class periods. Prerequisite: Portfolio review; instructor consent.

Initial explorations and concepts in ideation for digital arts.

3710. Protecting the Creative Spirit: The Law and the Arts

Three credits. Three hours of lecture and discussion. Open only to juniors or higher, others with consent of the instructor. Not open for credit to students who have passed FINA 3995 when taught as Law and the Arts.

The law and business practices that affect and protect careers in the arts. Topics include national and international copyright law, trademarks, licensing, and contract negotiations in addition to rights of privacy and publicity.

3995. Investigation of Special Topics

Credits and hours by arrangement. Prerequisite: Instructor consent required. May be repeated up to six credits with a change in course content.

Special topics, taking an interdisciplinary approach to the arts.


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